What is


EdgeCard™ is Plug It’s official membership card in which a lot of discounts, promos, and rewards are up for the subscribers!

All of these perks are exclusive for subscribers only, so get yours now!


EdgeCard™ Pricing

1 Month


1 month validity

6 Months


6 months validity

1 Year


1 year validity

What to get with EdgeCard™

Here are some of the perks you’ll get for subscribing to EdgeCard™.


10% Discount on total bill

Members will enjoy additional 10% discount on their total bill.

10% Discount on Weekly and Monthly Subscriptions

Members will enjoy 10% discount on our Weekly or Monthly subscriptions.

10% Discount on our meeting room

Members are entitled to have a 10% discount on meeting room rates.

Exclusive whole day rate

Members can enjoy an exclusive whole day rate of 250!

Exclusive monthly raffle

Valid members will automatically be included in our monthly raffle.

Exclusive interactive card

Members will be provided with an exclusive card with augmented reality feature.

What’s New

with EdgeCard™

Rewards System

Enjoy exclusive rewards points when you subscribe to EdgeCard™.
Redeem points and deduct it to your current transaction.

Augmented Reality

Scan your cards to see latest updates exclusive for EdgeCard™ holders!

Get Zappar App to enjoy the feature.