Terms & Condition


      1. EdgeCard™ application form is only available at the reception.
      2. EdgeCard™ will be activated as soon as the application is completed and payment is settled.
      3. Information provided by the client will be secured.
      4. Application will only be valid if payment has been made.
      5. A dedicated card number will be assigned to you.
      6. EdgeCard™ is non-transferable.



    1. EdgeCard™ and it’s perks are valid immediately upon activation.
    2. EdgeCard™ offers only 3 subscription options.
        1. 1 Month Subscription, 300php
        2. 6 Months Subscription, 600php
        3. 12 Months Subscription, 1000php



      1. Your subscription details will be available at your dashboard.
      2. Reward points, Expiration date, and EdgeCard™ card number are the details that will be available at your dashboard for your monitoring.



    1. Discounts are automatically applied in our system except for discussion room rates (Refer to 4.b).
    2. Discount for the discussion room as an EdgeCard™ holder is upon request. EdgeCard™ must be present upon claiming the 10% discount of the discussion room rates.
    3. Only 1 valid EdgeCard™ member is needed to claim the discount for the discussion room.
    4. Maximum discount for the discussion room is 10% only.

      1. Rewards feature will be available immediately once subscription is activated.
      2. One(1) point is gained every time you stay with us.
      3. Every one(1) point is equivalent to 1 Php.
      4. Rewards can not be converted to cash.
      5. Rewards are deducted to your current transaction bill upon claiming.
      6. Claiming rewards are upon request. Just notify the staff at the reception upon clocking out.
      7. Reward points will reset once the EdgeCard™ expires. So make sure to redeem them before your subscription expires.



      1. This feature requires Zappar app to work.
      2. Zappar app is available in Apple app store & Google play store.
      3. Use point & shoot your camera to the card using Zappar app to see the content.
      4. We use augmented reality feature to provide EdgeCard™ holders exclusive contents, promotions, and information.
      5. Raffle contest winners are announced through this feature.



      1. Raffle contests are facilitated exclusively for EdgeCard™ holders.



    1. Upon renewal, user has an option to keep their current card.
    2. If the user chose to replace his/her card upon renewal, a fee of 150 will be charged for replacement.
    3. For lost card, a fee of 150 will be charged for replacement.
    4. Plug It is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

I. The EdgeCard™ is the official membership card of Plug It Coworking Space and Study Hub. Each member is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

II. EdgeCard™ is personal and can only be used by the card holder. Membership and benefits cannot be used by anyone other than the registered member.

II. EdgeCard™ is valid for one (1) month, six (6) months, or one (1) year (whichever the individual availed) upon activation of membership card. It is the members duty to confirm and check the activation of the subscription with our staff.

IV. Membership is open only to registered customers of Plug It. New users shall create their own account first in order to apply for the membership card.

V. The use of the EdgeCard™ is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions to the benefit of Plug It and all its partner establishments.

VI. Plug It reserves the right to modify the structure, benefits and other features of the EdgeCard™ including it’s terms & conditions.

VII. Plug It is not responsible for any loss or damage of the EdgeCard™. In case of damage or loss, a new card may be issued at a cost of 150 Php for each replacement.